Writing in the Daily Beast:

“The Republican Party is destroying America. Harsh words, yes. But inescapably true.”

“There isn’t even a feint toward decency. In what has become a recurring nightmare,”

And she quotes Norm Ornstein, approvingly, who apparently believes that the government operates at peak efficiency, thus meaning that any cuts, per the sequester, are destined to kill Americans, destroy the wilderness and lead us back into the stone age:

If sequester continues … it is a cancer eating away at national parks, food safety, basic research … it’s a terrible situation. No matter how much [Republicans] talk about how it was Obama’s idea … the whole idea was to create such awful consequences that no sane person would accept it. But these aren’t sane people.

Of course, since Obama signed the sequester it would seem natural to ask what role he has in this nuclear bomb going off, but that part is left unexplored.