Daniel Gross at the Daily Beast has a column about Moo Cluck Moo, a fast food joint in Detroit paying $15 an hour.  The column lauds the chain for its wage rate, which is well and good.  However, Gross can’t resist some editorializing at the end, which would be fine (the whole column is an opinion piece), except for its logical inadequacy.  The last line of the column is:”Every day Moo Cluck Moo is open, it stands as a rebuke to an industry that says it can only function by paying crappy wages.”  This comes immediately after Gross points out that the restaurant has one location and has been open less than a year.  Thus, he ignores his own evidence when he arrives at the conclusion that Moo Cluck Moo’s existence proves anything regarding the entire fast food industry.  Unless there is some basis for extrapolating from one restaurant, in one location, open less than a year to a $160 billion industry, operating 160,000 restaurants and serving 50 million people per day, Mr. Gross should quit writing one sentence before he thinks he is done.