Emily Bazelon at Slate has a fascinating account of the Nazis’ use of bodies for their scientific research and its legacy.  Here is the title: The Nazi Anatomists: How the corpses of Hitler’s victims are still haunting modern science—and American abortion politics.  Here is the http address:


Talk about journalistic malfeasance.  In an 8,000 word article (most of it very interesting) Bazelon links Todd Akin’s ridiculous comment to Nazi atrocities, implying that the origin of his comment stems from bad Nazi science.  Perhaps it does (though Bazelon provides no direct evidence, only speculation).  Regardless, from the title of the article and the http link one is left with the impression that conservatives’ ideological opposition to abortion is largely influenced by inaccurate scientific conclusions drawn in the 1930s by Nazi researchers.  It is an absurd claim that has no basis in fact and it is appalling editorial work by Slate.  The editors should be ashamed of themselves and, if Ms. Bazelon had a hand in choosing the title of the piece, she should be ashamed, too.