I find this incredibly funny on multiple levels, including the sheer number of logical fallacies and non-sequiturs packed into such a small space.

1) This is the definition of “begging the question”;

2) Pelosi responds to a reporter’s question of when life begins with multiple non-sequiturs in the same sentence;

3) She asserts she is a devout Catholic while rejecting a main tenant of Catholicism;

4) She makes one of the worst appeals to authority I have heard – ‘I am a mom therefore I know more than you about science’;

5) She asserts that a question about when life begins in the context of an abortion question is irrelevant to public policy; and

6) The Huffington Post reporter, Amanda Terkel, who posted the story believes the statement is some sort of a zinger, rather than a poorly reasoned response that makes Pelosi seem like a moron.