This is fantastic. Nathalie Baptiste, writing in the American Prospect, has a piece titled “How to Be a Walking ‘Confirmation Bias’ (Role Model: Mia Love).” To prove her point that confirmation bias is bad, she opens her column with this paragraph:

Have you ever been in a debate with your right-wing uncle and when you ask him for proof of his wild claims, he pulls up a Fox News article? Instinctively, you roll your eyes. Of course he sought out Fox News as a source—it’s a haven for people like him. Everything he already thinks about minorities, LGBTQ people, Muslims and single moms is there. Automatically turning to Fox News to search for information that he knows will affirm what he already believes is called a confirmation bias.

Well, it’s official. We can dismiss any evidence from Fox News because a priori we know it must be wrong . Nathalie Baptiste has confirmed it.