Hillary Clinton has tweeted:

Clinton wants those e-mails released (now, gosh darn it!).  Phew, clearly Hillary is honest and straightforward – she want’s her e-emails released just as much as all of the reporters and Republicans who have been clamoring for them the last few days.  Problem solved!

Except, not really.

According to news reports, her staff combed through her e-mails and delivered 55,000 to the Department of State.  I have prepared a handy Venn diagram depicting Clinton’s e-mails during her tenure as Secretary of State.

As I had no way to show the absence of any e-mails from her DOS account, I have had to settle for an arrow pointing to nothingness.  That aside, what do we see in this chart?

  1. Hillary Clinton has been asked to produce everything in the red circle, representing any and all e-mails she sent in her capacity as Secretary of State.  Those e-mails are the property of the American people.
  2. Her representatives combed through the red circle and delivered only what they wanted to, represented by the orange circle.
  3. We care about what is in the green circle.
  4. Clinton is a dissembler.

In her tweet, Hillary calls for release of the orange circle, despite the fact that it is the green circle in which we are interested and it is her obligation to turn over the entire red circle.  The Jews have a word for this, “chutzpah.”