From Virginia: “A local teenager is facing child pornography charges after police say she shared nude photographs of herself on the social networking site Twitter.”  According to the story:

Officials with the James City County Police Department told the station that teenagers sometimes fail to grasp the severity of the situation when publicly sharing private materials.

“It’s not just friends that see what they post but also strangers and everyone else out there,” Stephanie Williams-Ortery, a representative of the department, told WAVY. “You have no idea who’s out there watching. You never know who’s going to see what you post.”

…Authorities then confiscated her phone and charged her with one count of distribution of child pornography.

So, the police in Virginia think that the proper way to discipline a teenager for taking a nude photo of herself is to charge her with a felony.  Perhaps they also think that people who attempt suicide should be charged with attempted murder.  It’s nice to know that the cops have nothing better to do than, at best, prosecute the victims of the crimes they want to prevent.