There is a piece in Time today by Andrew J. Rotherham titled “A Sportsman’s Viewpoint: We Need a Moderate Alternative to the NRA.”  In it, the author argues that the NRA doesn’t adequately serve the hunting and sporting community because it focuses on preventing gun restrictions on weapons that are not sporting-oriented.  That may be true, but it misses the point, completely.  Even on the left, there is a great deal of support for hunters to be able to possess hunting rifles and shotguns for sporting purposes.  None of the major gun control groups advocate for denying citizens the ability to possess such weapons.  The issue at bar is whether the Second Amendment protects the right of citizens to arm themselves for the purposes of self-defense.  That is the right which the gun control crowd seeks to quash.  Quite simply, the organization that Rotherham envisions doesn’t exist precisely because there is no major opposition to its (theoretical) activities.