According to this story, the United Nations wants to put into place a global tax on billionaires.  The World Economic and Social Survey 2012: In Sear of New Development Finance, is a document designed to find ways for the international bureaucracy to extract wealth from other people that the UN can use to support whatever redistributionist cause is the flavor of the day.  In addition to proposing a tax on billionaires, the report advocates taxing air travel, currency transactions and greenhouse gas emissions are proposed as being potential “innovative” solutions to raising funds for the UN.  Here’s a nice little chart of what the UN calls “innovative sources of development finance,” which I would call other peoples’ money:

In short, the UN wants to take from rich countries to give to poor countries.  It wants to do this through any means it can, and thus has proposed a slate of taxes in the hopes that some of them will go through, creating more “revenue” for the UN to spend.  Given the UN’s record of managing and spending money, why on Earth would we ever want to give it more.  Billions have been wasted, much of it through fraud and corruption.  Where there hasn’t been fraud and corruption, greed and waste have ruled the day, with UN officials staying in five star hotels and living lavish lifestyles at the expense of United States taxpayers and the countries that are supposedly being “aided” by the UN.  When money does make its way to poorer countries, it is often handed to dictatorial and corrupt regimes, who use the money to finance their own projects.

If the United States – or any other Western country – wants to help the poor countries of the world, they should start with getting rid of dictators, implementing fair and sound laws, including laws which protect investors and signing free trade agreements.  And, if money must be given away, it should be done at the national level where there is, at least somewhat, accountability to the voters of the donor countries should the money be massively wasted.  Once any money passes to the UN, there is no control over how it is spent and the UN officials have shown, ad nauseum, that they cannot be trusted as fiduciaries.  As soon as they get money they are incentivized to spend it, no matter how bad the ruler of the country, no matter how much waste and no matter how much fraud.  Worst of all, they will spend the money even if the effects on the people they are supposed to be helping are negative, such as giving it to an oppressive dictator who then uses the money to feed the machinery of his dictatorship.